Assure Persistence and Completion Through Student Engagement and Satisfaction

While student presence, persistence, and performance are indicators of a satisfied student population, it is also meaningful to assess and monitor student engagement and satisfaction directly. Engaged and satisfied students are more likely to retain, ultimately complete, and pass on the message that KU is a fantastic choice for higher education. 

Overall GSSS & NSSE Satisfaction

While satisfaction may be implied through many other metrics, one of the most direct and benchmark-facilitated means of measurement is through major nationwide survey instruments. A high level of self-reported satisfaction on these surveys is a strong signal that our students are satisfied with their experience.

First- and Second-year Retention

When our students’ needs are met with adequate support and quality instruction, it provides them with a place they want to come back to each year. High first- and second-year retention signals that students not only choose to attend KU, but they remain committed to their choice.

4- and 6-Year Graduation Rates

The culmination of a student’s time at KU in graduation is an achievement that they will have for the rest of their lives and is the ultimate goal of their educational experience with us. High rates of graduation at the 4- and 6-year time points signal that we are providing students with the tools they need to reach this achievement.

Degree Count by Level

Increasing the number of degrees we award means that we have supported more students in their quest to gain the skills and experiences they need to contribute to society beyond KU. A high number of degrees awarded signals that we have made a large contribution to the communities we serve.