Assure Quality of Academic Programs

No matter the domain, Jayhawks aspire for quality. When a student comes to KU, we must provide them with an excellent academic experience. By constantly raising the bar and meeting new challenges, we will ensure that our students receive an education that goes beyond the standard.  

National Ranking

National rankings of colleges and universities are one of the most prominent means of measuring the quality of KU. A high ranking assures our students that they have selected a high-quality institution.

Institutional Resources per Student

At KU, we have access to a wide array of resources, including substantial ability to invest in our students. A high amount of fiscal investment in the education of each student demonstrates our capacity to provide a high-quality experience.

NSSE & GSSS Program Quality

Part of our regularly scheduled effort to better understand how we are serving our students involves administration of the NSSE and GSSS. These tools provide us with direct indicators of program quality. When our students report higher levels of quality on these measures, it signals that our students perceive the quality of their education as high.

Faculty with Terminal Degree

When students attend KU, they expect to receive instruction from prestigious faculty, which includes faculty attaining the highest level of attainment in their respective fields. By hiring a high number of faculty with a terminal degree, we signal to students that their instruction will be provided by experienced faculty members.