Grow KU Research

Research at KU has an acclaimed record of discovery and innovation at the local, regional, national, and global level.  Growing KU research across the university allows us to continue to solve problems, ask new questions, inform leaders and policy makers, and inspire others. 

Federal R&D Expenditure

Federal research grants are awarded through a competitive peer-review process by subject matter experts. KU and other institutions of higher education use the sum of Federal Research & Development Expenditures as an indication of the quality and strength of their researchers. Federal R&D expenditures cut across all academic disciplines and across all federal agencies. USDA Expenditures, however, are included in Total R&D.

Total R&D Expenditures

Expenditures in the Total R&D category are the sum of all expenditures in Federal R&D, including USDA, state and local government, business, non-profit organizations, institutional funding, and other nonfederal sources.

Federal R&D Per TTR Faculty

To compare institutional research productivity across institutions, the data are normalized by summing Federal R&D expenditures divided by the count of tenure and tenure-track faculty members.

Participation Rate

Securing external research funding is extremely competitive. Participation rate here includes PIs/co-PIs on pending or funded proposals, sponsored project with expenditures, or research activity from the General Research Fund (GRF) compared to the total number of employees with PI status during the time period shown.

Program and Interdisciplinary Projects

Much of the cutting-edge research occurs at the boundaries and intersections between traditional disciplines. As new challenges and opportunities arise, KU researchers will continue to conduct impactful and leading-edge research.