Improve Health and Wellness

There is more to academic success than grades and graduation. At the University of Kansas, we want all our Jayhawks to have the highest quality of life. In addition to physical health and wellness, we will focus on providing an environment where students, staff, and faculty are supported with adequate benefits and resources, are safe on campus, and have their basic needs met.

Wellness Survey

At the University of Kansas, we want to gain insight to how our community is feeling on several different levels. In order to do this, one tool we will use is wellness surveys. These can encompass a broad range of topics, or be designed to target specific areas such as benefits, fitness, and on-campus resources. By increasing the overall wellness of the KU community, the success of the university is supported as well.

Campus Safety

Campus safety includes many services and policies beyond the traditional thought of physical safety. These include the KU community’s interests in physical and psychological safety, dignity and respect, and freedom from bias, prejudice, and racism. One activity that has already taken place to ensure campus safety is increased is the creation of the university’s Task Force on Community-Responsive Public Safety.

Incidents of Harassment

Harassment will not be tolerated at the University of Kansas. Training to recognize and report all types of harassment will be offered and mandatory to students, staff, and faculty. On-campus resources are made available to understand what constitutes harassment and who to contact if witnessed or experienced.

Food Insecurity Rate Among KU Students

There are many different needs of students that must be met in order for them to be successful. One that seems to be more prevalent is the food insecurity rate among students. Sources have shown that more of our KU students are living without adequate food supply.