Support Student Long-Term Success by Improving Placement & Reducing Debt

While earning a degree from KU is part of why students attend KU, what they do with that degree is also of great importance. Additionally, the cost of higher education remains prominent in students’ minds when selecting a higher education institution. 

Debt frequency

Student debt following graduation is of great concern to many of our students and their families. By keeping the number of students who graduate with student loan debt low, we ensure that fewer students start their post-KU careers burdened by debt.

Student Debt Load

When students do leave KU with student loan debt, the amount of debt they must pay off can make a difference in how they plan their futures. By keeping the amount of student loan debt owed low, we ensure that fewer students carry a large obligation into the next phase of their lives.

Graduates in Jobs with Sustaining Wages

While there is wide variance in wages by discipline, a KU degree should open doors to an exciting and fulfilling career, one that offers sustaining wages for the field and justifies the graduate's investment in their degree program. Higher placement rates into jobs with sustaining wages strengthens our students' financial outlook and documents the value of a KU degree.

Post-Graduation Outcomes

After our students leave KU, we make every effort to check their status using a First Destination survey. This instrument is used to inform us of students’ next steps, whether that includes job placement, further education, or other endeavors. High levels of placement in jobs and further education are indicative of students’ preparedness to enter the next phase of their lives.

External Aid for Graduate Students

While fulfilling, graduate education is extremely challenging. KU aims to ensure our graduate students are supported as they undertake this challenge by providing financial aid, scholarships, and other sources of assistance. A higher number of students supported ensures that students have the resources to be successful and will graduate with less debt.

Full Course Load

When students carry a full course load, it ensures they make efficient progress toward their goals and limits the length of their program. A high rate of students taking a full course load signals that more students are on a path towards completion.