Increase Enrollment

We aim to expand our diverse community of ambitious and talented students, increasing access to a world class education for more first time freshman, new transfers, returning and graduate students. We will expand the reach of KU programming to connect to Jayhawks near and far, through on campus courses, around the nation in virtual formats, and across the globe. 

Enrollment by Level

Increasing the number of students means that we are providing more students with the opportunity to gain a world-class education, as well as ensuring the fiscal health of our organization. High enrollment signals that KU is an exciting and enticing choice for students.

Online Enrollment

In order to expand access and impact of a KU education, KU will continue to develop options to reach Jayhawks wherever they are, both on the hill, and across the globe. One way to do this is through the continued development of online courses designed to support positive and transformative learning outcomes.