Increase Workplace Satisfaction

There are many reasons workplace satisfaction is important to the University of Kansas. If our staff and faculty are pleased with all facets of their workplace, it is believed a higher rate of productivity will be achieved. It is our hope that with increased workplace satisfaction, our team members will feel valued and have less desire to leave the university. 

Compensation Near Market

The University of Kansas recognizes the importance in compensation to recruit and retain faculty and staff. KU participates in a number of salary surveys to identify market rates within the region and across similar higher educational institutions to determine if adjustments are needed to remain competitive with peer organizations.

Job Satisfaction

It is incredibly important to the success of the university that staff and faculty have a feeling of worthiness at KU and are engaged in their work. To measure the level of job satisfaction, the university will examine areas such as staff and faculty feelings of trust, freedom of expression and inclusion regarding work related matters, opportunity for growth, expectations, respect, and benefits.

Voluntary Employee Turnover Rate

Turnover is costly to any organization. Employee growth and development, along with having the necessary resources and employee supports creates a positive work environment that helps with retention, succession planning and growing your most productive performers. Analyzing the amount and reason for turnover is important for managing replacement and training expenses to the organization, but also to identify if other work place issues need to be addressed in a specific area (i.e., compensation, culture, management, workplace satisfaction, etc.). Understanding the rates of turnover in your area and why it is occurring is critical. As a result, exit survey participation is a critical data source to incorporate.