Strengthen Service to Local and Global Communities

Strengthening our service to local and global communities provides opportunities for our talented staff, faculty, and students to impact expansive programs near and far from KU. The volume and quality of services provided reflects our aspiration to impact communities across the world. 

International Engagement Index

The international community at KU is essential to the University’s success. By providing quality, first-class education to students from outside the United States, KU enriches the minds of talented individuals who will only add to the diversity of our alumni. All students can also draw upon the experiences and backgrounds of faculty and staff native to countries other than the U.S., resulting in an experience unique to any other. Over the coming year, through the work of the International Affairs Office and the ACE Internationalization Lab, an international engagement index will be developed.

Faculty External Service

In development

Student Community Service Index

In development

Kansans Served by Non-Credit Programming

While the University of Kansas is dedicated to the service and success of its students, faculty, and staff, it is also committed to providing educational opportunities to those across the state of Kansas that are not directly enrolled or employed at the university. This service allows citizens of Kansas to engage in life-long learning that will help build leadership skills and provide opportunities that may not be available in other areas or organizations.