Priorities & Objectives


Institutional Priorities

Student Success. A smiling student in graduation cap and gown standing next to a blue KU banner.
Our students are central to everything we do at the University of Kansas. They come to learn, to develop and to participate in the classroom, on campus and across research projects.
Healthy & Vibrant Communities. Five KU students cross Jayhawk Boulevard in the sun
KU actively aligns resources and expertise with larger community partners to create healthy and vibrant communities that improve the quality of life of those on campus, within the state, and around the world.
Research & Discovery. Two KU students and a KU professor all wearing lab glasses and coats stare at a screen.
KU is committed to conducting broad and impactful research that addresses the key challenges faced by the state, nation and world.


Student Success Objectives

We aim to expand our diverse community of ambitious and talented students, increasing access to a world class education for more first time freshman, new transfers, returning and graduate students. We will expand the reach of KU programming to connect to Jayhawks near and far, through on campus courses, around the nation in virtual formats, and across the globe.

While student presence, persistence, and performance are indicators of a satisfied student population, it is also meaningful to assess and monitor student engagement and satisfaction directly. Engaged and satisfied students are more likely to retain, ultimately complete, and pass on the message that KU is a fantastic choice for higher education.

While earning a degree from KU is part of why students attend KU, what they do with that degree is also of great importance. Additionally, the cost of higher education remains prominent in students’ minds when selecting a higher education institution.

No matter the domain, Jayhawks aspire for quality. When a student comes to KU, we must provide them with an excellent academic experience. By constantly raising the bar and meeting new challenges, we will ensure that our students receive an education that goes beyond the standard.

Healthy & Vibrant Communities Objectives

Strengthening our service to local and global communities provides opportunities for our talented staff, faculty, and students to impact expansive programs near and far from KU. The volume and quality of services provided reflects our aspiration to impact communities across the world.

With the ever-changing landscape of our country, and world, it is important to the University of Kansas that we make changes that create an environment of fairness, respect, and belonging. All students, staff, and faculty should have the greatest opportunities to meet their academic and professional goals. KU will examine and expand programs in order to meet our aspirations.

There is more to academic success than grades and graduation. At the University of Kansas, we want all our Jayhawks to have the highest quality of life. In addition to physical health and wellness, we will focus on providing an environment where students, staff, and faculty are supported with adequate benefits and resources, are safe on campus, and have their basic needs met.

There are many reasons workplace satisfaction is important to the University of Kansas. If our staff and faculty are pleased with all facets of their workplace, it is believed a higher rate of productivity will be achieved. It is our hope that with increased workplace satisfaction, our team members will feel valued and have less desire to leave the university.

As a top-tier research university, our success is integral to the overall success of the public university system in Kansas. We are a resilient and adaptable university community that is prepared for the challenges of the future. Having predictable revenue streams ensures university leaders can plan for future success. This includes expansion of programs, physical improvement of campuses, and student support.

Research & Discovery Objectives

Research at KU has an acclaimed record of discovery and innovation at the local, regional, national, and global level. Growing KU research across the university allows us to continue to solve problems, ask new questions, inform leaders and policy makers, and inspire others.

Central to a robust and impactful research enterprise are exceptional humans. Attracting highly productive and innovative researchers enhances KU’s ability to conduct research that advances society. Retaining these gifted individuals requires KU to build a research support system that matches their ambitions to make discoveries that change the world and gain recognition for their work. Through financial and administrative support, KU will recruit, retain and recognize researchers working at the highest level, building a research enterprise that is impactful to the state, nation and beyond.

The University of Kansas aims to be an exceptional learning community that lifts each other, contributes to the wider scholarly enterprise and advances society. To measure and expand the impact of our research, KU focuses on research contributions in three key areas: academia; projects focused on core communities in our home state and beyond; involvement of students in research and their training to become future researchers.

KU research impacts society in ways that go way beyond contributing to the more traditional idea of academic knowledge. Notably, KU research translates into inventions, products and business startups that provide health, economic, education and other benefits for society.