Strategic Alignment

The Jayhawks Rising alignment processes outlined below have two key goals:  

  1. To help fulfill the University’s vision to be an exceptional learning community by implementing strategies that support or align with one or more of our thirteen objectives; these objectives are informed by our core foundations and based on our institutional accountabilities.  

  1. To help all units at the institution align their strategies with the Jayhawks Rising’s objectives.  

The Jayhawks Rising alignment processes facilitate collaboration and alignment with Jayhawks Rising institutional priorities, objectives, and strategies, increase transparency and accountability, ensures consistency in our actions, and enable effective communications with our internal stakeholders and external constituents.

Core Jayhawks Rising Alignment Process

  • The Jayhawks Rising objective leaders gather for a two-day retreat to review institutional strategies from the past fiscal year and set new strategies for next fiscal year; multi-year strategies will likely carry-over.  

  • The new strategies will be posted to the Jayhawks Rising website and shared with campus via email in September.  

Objective leaders for each institutional priority area meet three times each year to provide updates.  

  • Each December and January, the academic deans and vice provosts on the Lawrence and Edwards campuses present unit-level plans that demonstrate intentional ties between their unit’s work and the priorities of Jayhawks Rising.  

  • The strategic alignment presentations are delivered to an audience of other KU leaders that includes the Chancellor, academic deans, vice chancellors and vice provosts of administrative support units, and university governance leaders. 

  • Unit-level plans also indicate the critical success factors that will be used to measure progress and reveal how a unit’s individual activities address one or more of the six core foundations of Jayhawks Rising.  

  • To become a more data informed community, presenters also highlight institutional-level metrics that their school or functional unit influences. To support this, Analytics, Institutional Research, and Effectiveness provides Strategic Alignment Briefing Books to all academic deans and vice provosts in November to help them prepare for their presentations. Strategic Alignment Briefing Books or SABBs are comprehensive data guides that collate data from multiple tools to help deans and VPs understand data related to key metrics that are in alignment with our Jayhawks Rising strategic priorities.   

  • To ensure the audience of reviewers have a common frame of reference, each presenter uses a template to prepare and deliver their presentations.

  • Objective leaders for each institutional priority area meet three times each year to provide updates. 

  • In March, the objective leaders also provide written updates on each of the Jayhawks Rising strategies. These updates are compiled into a report by Analytics, Institutional Research, & Effectiveness, which is then uploaded to the Jayhawks Rising webpage and shared with campus via email.  

  • Objective leaders for each institutional priority area meet three times each year to provide updates. 

Additional alignment processes

Service Experience Dialogue Process

The Service Experience Dialogue process ensures that the services provided by administrative units at KU are continuously evaluated and modified so that they are best aligned with the objectives of Jayhawks Rising and the goals and needs of all administrative and academic units. 

Campus Constituent Survey Implementation Team

The Campus Constituent Survey Implementation Team meets three times each year to review recommendations from KU's broad constituent surveys and prioritize recommendations that best align with the Jayhawks Rising priorities, objectives, and strategies. 

Performance Goal Alignment with Jayhawks Rising Objectives

During annual performance evaluations, all employees at KU are encouraged to reflect on how their work and goals align with the Jayhawks Rising objectives


A more detailed Strategic Alignment Calendar is also available for anyone with a KU online id.