Six students throw their graduation caps into the air against the backdrop of a blue sky and white clouds.

Student Success

Our students are central to everything we do at the University of Kansas. They come to learn, to develop and to participate in the classroom, on campus and across research projects.


Students sit on steps and are laughing at something out of sight.

Increase Enrollment

We aim to expand our diverse community of ambitious and talented students, increasing access to a world class education for more first time freshman, new transfers, returning and graduate students. We will expand the reach of KU programming to connect to Jayhawks near and far, through on campus courses, around the nation in virtual formats, and across the globe.
Students watch a professor preparing to perform a body casting of a student sitting at the front. Four students sit at the front preparing the cast.

Assure Retention and Completion Through Student Engagement and Satisfaction

While student presence, persistence, and performance are indicators of a satisfied student population, it is also meaningful to assess and monitor student engagement and satisfaction directly. Engaged and satisfied students are more likely to retain, ultimately complete, and pass on the message that KU is a fantastic choice for higher education.
A student's hands type on a laptop on a wooden table with a pencil and a blue book to the left of the laptop.

Support Student Long-Term Success by Improving Placement & Reducing Debt

While earning a degree from KU is part of why students attend KU, what they do with that degree is also of great importance. Additionally, the cost of higher education remains prominent in students’ minds when selecting a higher education institution.
Three students wearing eye googles and surgical gloves examine a pipet.

Assure Quality of Academic Programs

No matter the domain, Jayhawks aspire for quality. When a student comes to KU, we must provide them with an excellent academic experience. By constantly raising the bar and meeting new challenges, we will ensure that our students receive an education that goes beyond the standard.


Enrollment by level

Increasing the number of students means that we are providing more students with the opportunity to gain a world-class education, as well as ensuring the fiscal health of our organization. High enrollment signals that KU is an exciting and enticing choice for students. 

First- and Second-year Retention

When our students’ needs are met with adequate support and quality instruction, it provides them with a place they want to come back to each year. High first- and second-year retention signals that students not only choose to attend KU, but they remain committed to their choice.

4- and 6-Year Graduation Rates 

The culmination of a student’s time at KU in graduation is an achievement that they will have for the rest of their lives and is the ultimate goal of their educational experience with us. High rates of graduation at the 4- and 6-year time points signal that we are providing students with the tools they need to reach this achievement. 

Student Debt Load

When students do leave KU with student loan debt, the amount of debt they must pay off can make a difference in how they plan their futures. By keeping the amount of student loan debt owed low, we ensure that fewer students carry a large obligation into the next phase of their lives.