Team Leads FY 2022

Team leads will co-lead campus teams focused on moving the needle of specific institutional objective areas. Guided by the work of the 2020 design teams, campus community suggestions, Provost direction, and best practices culled from additional research and resources, team leads will define 3-5 institutional key results to guide the work of campus towards achieving KU's institutional objectives. 

Increase Enrollment

Matt Melvin, Vice Provost for Enrollment Management

Stuart Day, Dean of the School of Professional Studies and Edward Campus, Co-Chair

Assure Retention and Completion Through Student Engagement and Satisfaction​

Susan Klusmeier, Vice Provost for Academic Success

Ann Brill, Dean of the School of Journalism and Mass Communications 

Support Long-Term Success by Improving Placement & Reducing Debt​

Angela Karlin, Assistant Vice Provost - Financial Aid & Scholarships

Bob Walzel, Dean of the School of Music

Jennifer Roberts, Vice Provost for Graduate Studies

Assure Quality of Academic Programs​

Jean Redeker, Assistant Vice Provost for Academic Affairs

Michelle Carney​, Dean of the School of Social Welfare

Strengthen Service to Local and Global Communities ​

Jomella Watson-Thompson​, Director, Center for Service Learning, Associate Director, Center for Community Health and Development

Sharon Graham, Vice Provost Life-long learning

Improve Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging

D.A. Graham​, Interim Vice Provost for Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging

Kevin Smith, Dean of Libraries

Improve Health and Wellness ​

Tammara Durham​, Vice Provost for Student Affairs

Rick Ginsburg, Dean of School of Education and Human Sciences

Increase Workplace Satisfaction ​

Mike Rounds, Vice Provost for Operations

Mahbub Rashid, Interim Dean of School of Architecture & Design 

Ensure Stewardship of the Institution ​

Jason Hornberger​, Vice Provost for Finance

Stephen Mazza, Dean of School of Law 

Grow KU Research ​

Simon Atkinson​, Vice Chancellor for Research

Arvin Agah, Dean of the School of Engineering

Recruit, Retain and Recognize Top Researchers ​

Chris Brown​, Vice Provost for Faculty Development

Ron Ragan, Dean of the School of Pharmacy

Expand the Impact of KU Research in Kansas and Beyond ​

Belinda Sturm, Associate Vice Chancellor for Research

John Colombo, Interim Dean of the School of Liberal Arts & Sciences

Promote Innovation and Entrepreneurship ​

Tricia Bergman, Director, Strategic Partnerships

Paige Fields, Dean of the School of Business